YOUTH entrepreneurs in Cape Town have joined like-minded young people from around the world in the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) programme currently under way in the city.

The initiative, which is in place in 117 countries, drives a wide range of programmes to develop, enhance and encourage young people’s involvement in enterprise creation with the aim of reducing unemployment among the youth of the world.
The local chapter of GEW, Cape Town Entrepreneurship Week (CTEW), was organised by the Bellville Campus of the Cape Peninsula University, together with the City of Cape Town.
The Bellville Campus has partnered with Youth Business Leadership (YBL), one of the most vocal online youth magazines in the country.
YBL founder and publisher Meshi Qwelane, who is also the owner of the Milele Group that brings out the publication, says it is important that young people attend Global Entrepreneurship Week events.
“Youths are hardest hit by unemployment,” he says.
The more businesses we have in this country, the more jobs can be created and the faster we can solve issues such as poverty and unemployment.
“Young people have to become aware of the benefits and opportunities that are attached to setting up their own business,” Qwelane says.
CTEW is hosted by the City of Cape Town and forms part of Cape Town Activa, the City’s programme for unlocking business opportunities and creating an entrepreneurial eco-system.
YBL editor Miriam Mannak says the CTEW expo is “an incredibly interesting event and an absolute must for young, budding and established entrepreneurs“.
One of the expo activities bound to catch the attention of young entrepreneurs is the BEST Game that gets participants to think “out of the box” and shift from dependency and passivity to engaging in small business opportunities while developing a deeper understanding of how business works.
Sponsored by Telkom, this year’s CTEW will focus on all aspects of youth entrepreneurship in pursuance of its aim of providing a key to the future prosperity of all who live in Cape Town.