Mangosuthu University of TechnologySome very special women celebrated this year’s Women Day twice! Leaders of industry, women in higher education, and in the media were treated as royalty on Friday, 8 August by Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) during the Women’s Day Breakfast at the Coastlands Hotel.

As part of MUT’s 35 year milestone, the women’s day breakfast was hosted to honour the role played by women employees and women industry partners in shaping the Institution’s legacy. One of these women was Dr Yoliswa Mbele, retired MUT Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration. Ms Mbali Mkhize, the senior Director of MUT’s Department of Marketing and Communications, paid tribute to Dr Mbele for being the first female Faculty Dean at MUT. Dr Mbele headed the Faculty of Management Sciences where she empowered women staff members, and encouraged them to take on leadership positions. Ms Mkhize also honoured Dr Mangosuthu Buthelezi for his vision in founding the university. “MUT started off with just 15 all-male students 35 years ago; now it has over 10 000 students. Its graduates are drivers of the economy nationally and globally,” said Mbali.

In her address, Ms Mkhize told attendees about the newly launched MUT’s sisterhood programme that was introduced by the Student Affairs department. The programme encourages women to look after each other, and value one another. She also spoke about the Empowered Administrators Conference (EAC) which has empowered more than 600 office administrators, most of whom are women.
The keynote speaker of the day, Iris Cupido, the Head of the SABC Foundation, in her speech reminded women that they were complete as they were. They should love and value themselves. Iris said women were in a position to take decisions about themselves that would determine their future. “Your time will come. Be patient,” she said. But what was most important in her speech was that women had to know that they had the power to drive their lives. They needed to be assertive, and do that with respect.
Ms Diana Hoorzuk, the Deputy Chair of MUT Council, applauded the women for dedicating themselves to improving the lives of everyone. Her very powerful message was that women deserve the honour because they are family leaders. She told all women in attendance that they were all important. She also thanked Ms Mkhize for her leadership and vision. “You and your team have changed the face of MUT, for that we thank you,” Ms Hoorzuk said.
This was a day filled with laugher and excitement; friends meeting friends, and people making new friends. Key message of the day was: MUT saying ‘thank you’ to the women for their role in nurturing and looking after humanity.
Article source: Mangosuthu University of Technology