In 2012 South Africa’s travel and tourism industry accounted for nearly 10% of its GDP, which equals to about 40 billion US dollars. This is an enormous amount and it’s not hard to see why since our amazing wildlife, natural features and rich history are very attractive. For this simple reason hospitality management courses are a fantastic way of entering into this vibrant and flourishing industry.
With an industry of this size operating in a country that has huge numbers of travel opportunities to offer to tourists, both local and international, it also means that there is a whole range of jobs you can choose from. There are the more obvious ones like being a restaurant manager, a food and beverage manager or guest relations manager. But with so many areas expanding in travel and tourism you can also look at casino management, hotel management and at times even events management.
The area you decide to specialise in is really your own choice. And with exciting industries like ecotourism attracting a whole range of people to this magnificent country you really won’t ever be working in a dull industry. So if you want to work where the business opportunities continue to grow and diversify then get into a management role by taking one of the many hospitality management courses available to you.
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