IMAGE: Rutendo Mutsamwira

Monash South Africa has congratulated Rutendo Mutsamwira who was selected for the Microsoft 4 Afrika Initiative. Rutendo was identified along with other candidates from around the continent as the kind of proactive, driven and passionate individual that the initiative looks for.

She will work at Microsoft to develop her science, engineering or business potential. According to Rutendo the graduates have the opportunity to develop technologies, ideas and concepts that are relevant and contextualized to their environment and realities.  “This is a long term investment  that will not only contribute immensely to the economic development of the continent, through the world-class training of young Africans, it will enable the youth to reach out towards their aspirations for a sustainable, competitive and thriving continent,” says Rutendo.

Rutendo adds that the most significant aspect of being involved in the project is responsibility. “The responsibility of representing the youth of our continent means I should be, and will be mindful of a number of things. I have been given an opportunity to learn more about a rapidly changing industry and how I can use the knowledge and experience I shall acquire to inspire other young women throughout the continent to not limit themselves or who they can be,” she says.

Article issued by Monash South Africa