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Consumers in emerging markets are far more interested in mobile technologies than those in mature markets, a survey carried out by technology services group Accenture has found.

In a statement on Wednesday, Accenture said its survey had revealed that 94 percent of consumers in emerging markets believed it was important that the technology brands they bought were perceived as the most innovative.

Furthermore, 64 percent of consumers considered the mobile phone their most important piece of technology. The Accenture study also established that the extent of technology use among emerging markets consumers was also greater than that of mature markets.

“Therefore, emerging market consumers are most likely to take full advantage of the activities available on any one technology device.” The study dispelled the general misconception that mature-markets were leaders in technology adoption.

“Among other critical factors we established was that, even though the price of goods remains an issue in the purchase decision, emerging market consumers don’t see it as a deciding factor,” said Mark Joseph, director, communications and high tech at Accenture.

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