Recruitment agencies are responsible for advertising open job opportunities across all sectors, recruiting and placing the right candidates in the job market.   As of January 31, 2015, a snapshot was done of 3 recruitment agencies (Career Junction, PNet and Job Vine) with purpose of finding out which sector had the highest number of job offers.  The table below shows the top sectors with job offers of 2, 000 positions and above in the country:


What is important for learners to note is that the above sectors give an indication of required skills and qualification that the country needs and more importantly what qualification one would need so as not to be an unemployed graduate.  What is important to note is that within each sector there are different routes to take. For example within Engineering jobs a learner can study Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and so forth.  In Finance a learner can focus in Accounting, Law, Auditing, Tax, Insurance and others.  This can be applied within all the key sectors that have high numbers of open job offer available.

So as a learner who is currently looking into what career direction you can follow beyond Grade 12, doing an online snapshot review into recruitment agencies will definitely give you a clear indication of what skills the country needs the most.