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No matter your major, you will be forced to write a paper at least once in your college career.
The problem with writing is that there is always room for improvement. Teachers love to see students take their first draft and rework it until the final. That means that even though you could delete your first draft and create a magnificent Shakespearian final essay, you’re better off editing what you already have. Teachers live to see improvement, so before you delete the paper written down, edit it first!
Writing is one thing, but editing? That actually takes skill. I’m sure you realized this after your first peer editing workshop. After exchanging your essay with the kid you sit next to in class, you will find that their comments are almost never helpful.

So, how to find help editing your paper?
If you’re one of the lucky few with skilled parents willing to give countless hours to your English grade, then you are one of the lucky few. You should probably stop relying on your parents to polish your papers and grow up.
If you have a talented friend who is willing to focus on your homework rather than his/her own, you have a great friend. Hopefully he/she is your friend forever, because the minute you lose contact, you’re on your own.
Recently, I had to write a research paper for my final assignment in my writing class. I was one of the only non-English majors, and I wasn’t used to writing 15-pages of error free English goodness. Just writing two pages felt like an accomplishment.
The journey was difficult but finally, I had completed 15 pages. Did I want to edit it? No way, I just wrote the thing. Do my friends? No, and I’m sure yours don’t either. Parents? I don’t want to be lectured about using periods effectively.
I started googling for an answer, and an answer I found:
All you need to do is copy and paste your paper onto this site (use command-a in your document to highlight all, then command-v to paste). After that, your work is done. Grammarly instantly proofreads your paper, and corrects over 150 types of error.
Is your teacher checking for plagiarism? Grammarly can detect the amount of plagiarism in your paper, making phrases easier to change before your teacher tries to suspend you.
Also, Grammarly offers enhanced vocabulary suggestions so forget right clicking for synonyms on word.
The best thing about Grammarly is that it’s free! So give it a try and start writing the right way.
Go to Grammarly here
Article by Hack College