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There are so many myths about what can happen to a person when they go off for college for the first time. With all of the late nights, poor food habits, and partying, it is inevitable that you will begin to see the effects on your body. This is what is known as the Freshman 15. The Freshman 15 is a myth that most college students will gain at least 15 pounds (just under 7kg’s) once they head off to college. However, this phenomenon does not occur to all college grads, and some even lose weight. So why is there still a stigma? If you have decided to not attend a traditional school and are going to get your degree online, does this mean that you are still susceptible to gaining the Freshman 15? This article will look at ways that you can avoid the freshman 15. Now that you will be taking your classes online, let’s makes sure you don’t have anything to show for it other than a degree.
One of the first reasons freshmen on campus gain the weight is the food that they eat. This is where you could be at a better advantage than them. Most dorm rooms only allow a microwave. So the only food that a student can store is something that fits in a mini fridge and can be heated in the microwave. This does not allow many options for healthy cooking. Also there is always the possibility to go grab food either at a restaurant or the dinners on campus. If they do not look properly, there are few healthy options and they will usually just grab the first thing that looks good. All of this can contribute to weight gain. However, you will have the advantage of being able to cook and make sure that you always have healthy food around.
Another reason many undergrads gain weight is because they stop exercising. For those students that come from playing sports in high school, it is a nice break to not have practice every day. However not having any physical activity will cause their metabolism to slow down dramatically and they can gain weight. It can also be hard to want to work out after you stayed out all night. You will have the advantage of being able to schedule your workouts a little more effectively. You won’t have to fit everything around your class schedule because you will set your own hours.
It’s not rocket science, students begin to gain the weight because everything will come before taking care of their bodies. It is not something that they have really had to work to maintain before and now they realize the importance of healthy habits and exercising. By taking your classes online you will be at a better advantage health wise. You will have more time available to work out, even if it is just walking around the block. You also will have the resources to make healthy meals. I wish I could save you from the late night cram sessions, unfortunately that will still happen for you.

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