If you’re after a bit of spare cash, getting a part-time job during your school or university holidays is a good way to do it. You can gain useful skills that you can use later in life, but there are a few things you need to consider before you start that application.
Before you start looking
If you’ve decided that you’d like to start earning some money, there are a few things to think about before you start, such as

  • the amount of time you can dedicate to a job
  • the maximum distance you can travel and how you can get there
  • any existing skills or experience you have

Do I have time to commit to this job now?
If you are looking for a job, you need to realise that you have to commit to working long hours and might miss out on some holiday time. Or if you have booked a trip during your holiday already – you must mention this to your employer so that they are not left in the dark when making a decision about employing you.
Will I get to work in time every day?
Travelling time is really important, especially if you’re going to be using public transport. Think about how you will get to and from work and how long it will take you to travel to your job and back home again.
If you’re working during the evening in a restaurant or a bar, some employers may pay for a taxi if you finish late but this is not typical.
Will I gain skills and experience from this job?
A holiday job is likely to be the first job you’ve had, so you might think that you’ve got no relevant skills that you can offer an employer. Think about anything that you’re interested in outside of school or university, or any particular subjects that you think you’re good at and match them to job opportunities. For example:

  • If you are interested in making food, you could waiter at a local restaurant to get more experience on how the industry works
  • if you’re interested in sport, you could work for your local leisure centre
  • an interest in entertainment could come in useful in a music or DVD store

If you know what sort of career you want to follow in the future, it may also be a good idea to look for a job in the same industry, or do a voluntary unpaid work placement. Any experience you can gain may help when you’re looking for full-time work in the future. Keep an eye on any job boards around the college or university building or in your student union. Many colleges and universities also have dedicated job shops with hundreds of part-time vacancies from local employers.You can also often find a holiday job by simply going into somewhere and asking if they have any temporary work available.