My dad told me a story once, about two wolves that live inside everyone, a good wolf and a bad wolf, and that depending on our choices, one of the wolves got fed more and became stronger.

These days the two wolves are still inside everyone, except they live on our computer screens and are fed by every click we make with our mice. The wild forest of life has gone online, no longer are the choices around what is good and bad (for us) so clear. We have more #freedom to make choices than ever before, especially if we believe that there is no harm done if nobody knows what we are choosing to read, view or do online.

However, our choices online will affect everything about us, and I don’t mean in a conspiracy theory “The illuminati is profiling us” kind of way, the images and information we click on and decide are valuable shape our understanding of the world, and inform the judgments we make around who and what we surround ourselves with.

There is no ‘getting away’ with anything online, you cannot hide how your online behaviour shows up in your offline world. It was one thing for our parents, who grew up having to physically hide any information their parents may have found disturbing from them, we are called to a whole new level of self-discipline and integrity as we can so easily hide from others the information we interact with online.

Though we may be able to hide our online choices from others, the effect of those choices will ring out in our lives. Images we view now, will affect what we consider to be beautiful and attractive in our futures, opinions and ‘facts’ we read (and give value to) online now, will affect how we believe the world will operate in the future. The information we receive and choose to believe about our world shapes what role or place we believe we will play in it in the future.

This is evolution, the raising of consciousness; we are all accountable and responsible for that which we give our clicks and likes to, the more clicks and likes a bit of information receives, the more instances of that information spreading and re-iterations being created.

‘Technology unlocks #freedom’, yes, and more so ‘Technology unlocks #freedomofchoice’.

– Josh