Proud Youth Foster Unity Against Xenophobia

Proud Youth South Africa has learned with anguish and disappointment about the ongoing xenophobic attacks in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Our support is behind our leadership in trying to restore peace and order in these communities.

As Proud Youth SA, we condemn the violence and disorder unequivocally. We believe that as a nation, our triumph over past prejudice and injustice comes with the greater responsibility of promoting behaviour that is respectful of human rights.

We believe that the violence against foreigners is dissociated from our nation’s culture of tolerance and co-operation, and we believe that the dangerous nature of these discriminatory actions are harmful and counter-progressive in communities.

As Proud Youth SA we believe the youth plays a key role and has a responsibility towards ensuring the acceptance and integration of foreign nationals into communities and it is our firm belief that the violence amounts to the senseless destruction and division of our communities.

This violence and cultural division goes against the interests of young people and society at large.

As Proud Youth SA, we encourage all youth to play a bigger role towards fostering unity, acceptance and co-operation within communities, as well as developing a culture which embraces diversity and discourages xenophobia.

We also call on our leadership and the instruments of state, to play a more pro active role in the protection of foreign nationals from violent criminal elements that target hardworking, innocent people who provide key services to our communities. We believe that as a society we must all take responsibility for these events and should begin taking steps towards embracing change and fostering peace in our communities. We also believe that the right to life should be respected and upheld by all of our nation’s citizens.

Setting aside our prejudices, we must discourage the culture of violence and hatred of one another and begin to reflect on the true nature of our attitudes regarding the increasing presence of foreign nationals in our communities. We are of the view that violence and particularly the killing of foreigners goes against the very core ideals that build our nation. Also, we acknowledge the harmful impact that these crimes against humanity have had on the image of our country at an international level.

Lastly, we would like to make a call for peace and reconciliation in the affected communities and the commencement of a dialogue aimed at reuniting communities and society.

Yours in Building Our Nation!

Issued By:

Mr Siyabonga Titi
National Spokesperson
Proud Youth South Africa