Big changes can start happening pretty fast after graduation, from relocating and starting a new job to buying your first car and then a home.

It can very easily get a bit overwhelming so take it one step at a time. If possible find a mentor who can help you and be a sounding board for advice. This may be a parent or relative, or possibly someone not much older than yourself whom you admire and who has been through the same process already.

The biggest step, however, is beginning your career – or else there will nothing to pay for all the rest! Here is a check-list of some points to remember and put into practice while you go about it:

  • Ask questions – if you think your learning is over you are wrong. It is only just starting. You will make mistakes – that’s okay – but learn from them and don’t make the same one twice. Use your initiative.
  • Create a great impression – from how you dress to your grooming and the way you interact with your colleagues. Be punctual and put in more than a full day’s work. A solid work ethic will go a long way to building the right reputation.
  • Socialise with your colleagues when the opportunity arises. It is a great way to learn more about your fellow workers and the culture of the company – and for them to learn about you. But DON’T go overboard. The Christmas party is not the place to behave like an idiot!
  • Have a positive attitude – you are on trial and becoming the go-to girl or guy will put you ahead of the field. Accept extra tasks, offer to do the cr*p job occasionally – it will all pay off in the end. To achieve this make sure you are as organized as you possibly can be.
  • Learn as much as you can about your employers – their history, achievements, products and services, etc. If possible seek out one of the older hands – he or she will most likely be a wonderful source of information.

Above all, remember you probably need them more than they need you right now.

Article issued by Student Brands