CIDA City Campus
CIDA City campus is an accredited Institution by the department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) South Africa which offers a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and other certificates and qualifications. By working closely with the ICT and financial industries CCC is also able to offer specialist schools with qualifications in Media Information and Communication Technology (ICT); Investments, Banking & Credit Management and Insurance, Bookkeeping and Accounting.

CCC provides a unique and an innovative solution to the challenges of self empowerment in South Africa and reaps a high return on investment in the form of vastly enhanced earning potentials for graduates over their lifetimes. In turn, this has a transformative effect on their lives, their families and communities and makes a small but meaningful contribution towards redressing the social and economic inequalities of the nation.
Financed through sponsorship from businesses, corporations, philanthropic foundations and individuals, donations take the form of scholarships, donations in kind (goods or services supplied) or cash. CIDA is also supported by the CIDA Empowerment Fund, an investment fund of stocks and shares which generates dividends to fund scholarships for the BBA degree. To continue to qualify for a scholarship students must be up to date with their studies and complete the BBA course within 3 years.

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Contact Details

For general enquiries contact the switchboard.
Contact number: 011 887 4495
Contact email: [email protected]