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We're a South African retail bank focused on providing easy and affordable banking services to our clients via the use of innovative technology. We base everything we do on simplicity, affordability, accessibility and personal service.

Capitec Bank’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) programme focuses on providing high school learners with numeracy skills to equip them for the future. Capitec Bank’s goal is for South African learners to study further and meet the needs of the workplace, creating a better future for themselves and their families.

Capitec Bank's strategy forms part of the national education community through partnerships with the Department of Education, universities, further education colleges, schools and specialist education institutions to provide much needed support to the education system.

Sbusiso Kumalo, Head of Corporate Affairs at Capitec Bank, strongly believes that every learner in South Africa has the ability to pass maths, and the bank’s corporate social investment (CSI) strategy focuses on this core skill. Maths develops the ability to solve complex problems, regardless of what the problem is, and is a vital life skill.

High school education

“We believe in the great potential of South Africa’s youth. We need to encourage lower performing learners to become top performers. From the learners this only takes one thing – commitment. Currently we focus much of our CSI spend on bursaries because we believe high school education with maths helps to increase numeracy levels. Enhanced opportunities for Grade 10 – 12 learners in public schools will lead to an improved matriculant pass rate, and in turn, job creation and economic growth.”


Capitec Bank’s bursary fund, which targets Grade 10 – 12 learners with maths as a matric subject, covers the learner’s school fees for one year. We award bursaries to maths learners who are steady performers despite financial difficulties, who stand out from the crowd and who will excel with support.

Key objectives are:
- To encourage the mastering of maths to increase numeracy levels
- To promote awareness of the benefits of technology and entrepreneurial skills
- To build relationships with exceptional learners and teachers to inspire other learners.

In 2012, 180 bursaries were awarded to Grade 10 learners from 48 schools. For 2013, we awarded 341 bursaries to Grade 10 (255) and Grade 11 (86) learners.

Capitec Bank supports IkamvaYouth, an innovative township-based volunteer-driven and youth-led non-governmental organisation (NGO). IkamvaYouth helps to equip learners from disadvantaged communities with the necessary skills and resources to access tertiary education and/or employment opportunities once they matriculate.

For more information on how to get involved with IkamvaYouth, click here

Financial life skills programmes
Capitec Bank contract SETA-Accredited Avocado Vision and the NGO You and Your Money to present financial life skills programmes to targeted consumers. We aim to empower consumers to make better financial decisions and understand the consequences of bad debt and not honouring loan repayments.

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