Boston Campus
Full Time

Travel and Tourism Operations

SAQA ID 60009
NQF Level 4 (201 credits)

Year One
Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Tourism Geography

  • Overview: South Africa

  • Fares and Ticketing within Africa

  • Travel Industry Operations 1

  • Effective Communication

  • Selling Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Intro to P.C.

  • Windows

  • Understanding the Internet

  • Word Processing

  • Business English

  • Field Trips

Choice Subjects (Subject to Prior Learning)

  • Keyboarding

  • Reception and Switchboard Skills

  • General Office Practice

Fundamental Subjects (Subject to Prior Learning)

  • Business Literacy: English

  • Business Literacy: Mathematics

If a Learner has not passed Grade 12, it is necessary to register for both subjects shown under the Fundamental Subject heading.

Year Two

Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Overview: Africa

  • Overview: Europe/South America/Middle East

  • Travel Industry Operations 2

  • BSP Overview

  • Principles of Customer Service

  • Business Management Techniques

  • Spreadsheets

  • Introduction to Business Accounting (FMI)

  • Reservations and Front-of-House Programme (Jade Apex)

  • Field Trips

Year Three
Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Overview: Far East/North America/Australasia

  • International Fares and Ticketing

  • Principles of Marketing

  • Presentation Graphics

  • Experiential Training for 3 Months

  • Amadeus

  • Field Trips

Personality Profile

  • Efficient

  • Love of Travel

  • Accurate

  • Helpful

  • Precise

  • Friendly

  • Responsible


  • Understand the Travel and Tourism Industry.

  • Demonstrate an Understanding of Customer Service.

  • Demonstrate computer literacy in the Travel and Tourism environment.

  • Operate in the Travel and Tourism environment

  • Possess destination knowledge

  • Be fully conversant in Travel Geography

  • Possess working knowledge and competency with Fares and Ticketing, and Travel Documentation.

  • Handle financial practices, calculations, procedures and transactions according to Industry and Operational requirements.

Special Features

  • Guest Speakers from the Industry

  • Regular Workshops and Assignments

  • Field Trips and Outings to Local Resorts and Tourist Attractions

Entry Requirement:

 If a Learner has passed Grade 12 with English and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, it is not necessary to register for the Fundamental Subjects.

If a Learner has passed Grade 12 with English but not Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, it is necessary to register for "Business Literacy Mathematics" under Fundamental Subjects shown.

Work Place Experience
Please note that Learners must obtain experiential training (work place experience) for a minimum of three months, in order to complete their Qualification. Work Place Assessments will be necessary.


  • SAQA ID: 60009 Travel and Tourism Operations - NQF Level 4, 141 Credits

  • Qualification (Boston)

Learners qualify with 141 credits although they in fact earn 201 credits by completion of year three.

Amadeus is a computerised Global Distribution System. Learners are free to select an alternative system, for example: Galileo, but this is not taught at Boston.

In this case the Learner must not register for Amadeus, but must furnish the college with proof of Certification of Galileo training.

The certified copy of this training certificate will be placed in the Learner’s Portfolio of Evidence. Please note that this training and certification must be obtained within the final 6 months of Year 3, as knowledge and skills must be up-to-date at the time of completion of the Travel and Tourism Operations Qualification.

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