Boston Campus


Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Tourism Geography

  • Overview: South Africa

  • Effective Communication (Travel)

  • Principles of Customer Service

  • Intro to P.C.

  • Windows

  • Understanding the Internet

Choice Subjects (2 Subjects are compulsory)

  • Overview: Africa

  • Business English

  • Keyboarding

  • Life Skills

  • General Office Practice

  • Word Processing

Personality Profile

  • Friendly

  • Confident

  • Polite

  • Outgoing

  • Enthusiastic


  • Have a detailed knowledge of the geography of South Africa.

  • Possess a detailed knowledge of tourism destinations in South Africa

  • Understand how to treat and communicate with customers, within the environs of the Travel and Tourism Industry.

  • Be able to operate a computer at a basic business level.

  • Understand and operate the Windows Operating System.

  • Have a working knowledge of e-mail and internet.

Join the dynamic world of Tourism…

There is a consistent demand for Tourist Guides in our wonderful country. The Tourism Industry is undergoing huge growth after the Soccer World Cup was so successfully hosted by South Africa.

Become a Tour Operator, work at a Tourist Information Bureau, join a resort, a lodge, an entertainment venue (Gold Reef City, Sun City, etc.) work on a luxury cruise ship, an exclusive train, work for a National Park or join a Tourism Board…there is so much opportunity for the enthusiastic and committed in the Tourism Industry.

Be a part of it!

For more information or to apply, please click here.


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