Television and Screen Media
1 Year Full Time
Higher Certificate in Television and Screen Media

Duration: 1 year

This one year higher education programme is designed to prepare the student with the necessary theoretical and practical skills, experience and expertise required for working in the professional audio field at a fundamental level. Graduates of the Higher Certificate will also gain access to the Diploma Programme.

5FndAcd - Academic and Communication Skills

There are three aspects to this fundamental module:

  1. The development academic skills to set goals, manage time, take notes, study effectively, prepare for assessments and solve problems through analytical and critical thinking.

  2. The application of communication skills in recording studios, live stage events, theatre productions, film and video sound stages and "on-location" audio and video productions.

  3. Finally, it provides the student with vocational scope. It describes, in some detail, the day-to-day tasks of a sound engineer, in four broad vocational areas. The student will also be given a broad description of the workplace and will be introduced to some of the key personnel, equipment, and tasks in each of these four vocational areas. The course goes further to introduce more than twenty other vocational areas, where the sound engineer may apply their skill and knowledge.

Vocational applications of sound engineering skills are identified, the roles of key players within the sound engineering and related industries are described and the vocabulary and jargon of these industries are understood.

The learner will spend about fifteen hours in basic work-place experience, observing and participating, where capable, various jobs involving audio technology. The learners will be required to compile a report on their observations.

5ITSkll - Computer Skills

This is a computer literacy course that introduces the learner to the components and architecture of computers, with an emphasis on sound engineering application. Functionality of the components of a computer system is described in the context of audio and video applications.

This course also includes a series of short typing exercises that takes place in a computer lab, over a protracted period.  It imparts orthodox typing techniques and allows the learners to improve their typing speed through these practical typing exercises.

5SMReWr - Reading, Research and Writing

This course introduces learners to a variety of techniques for improving and continually expanding their abilities to read, re- search, and write critically. It provides an essential basis to further work in the programme.

Students who wish to enrol in the Higher Certificate must have a GR 12 or equivalent qualification with acceptance to study towards a Higher Certificate.

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