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SAQA ID : 36213


(Minimum credits : 251)

Purpose of Qualification: This qualification provides leamers with a comprehensive knowledge of bookkeeping, financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, personal and business taxation, business law and accounting control. Upon completion, the leamer attains Certified Tax Technican (CTT) status as a member of the South African Institute of Tax practitioners.

Admission requirements: Grade 12 or Equivalent NQF Level 4 Qualification National Certificate: Accounting

Programme Accreditation: The programme is accredited by the ICB and FASSET SETA. The programme is also registered by the SAQA on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Professional Designation: Successful candidates may register with the ICB and use the following professional designations: “Certified Technical Financial Accountant CTFAcb (SA)”.

Articulation Possibilities: Leamers may articulate to the following qualifications:

•  ClMA Diploma in Management Accounting

•  National Diploma in Management Accounting: Level 6

•  Qualifications of other professional bodies such as the

Semester 1 Semester 2
Business Literacy (ICB/01)

•  Life Skills

•  Numerical Skills

•  Communication Skills

•  Business Case Studies

Junior Bookkeeper Module:

Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (ICB/02)

•  Introduction to Practical Bookkeeping

•  Bookkeeping for Inventory Systems

•  Bank & Creditors Reconciliations

•  Role of Accounts Clerk
Junior Bookkeeper: Payroll and Monthly

SARS Retums (ICB/03)

•  Payroll administration

•  Basic Business Ethics

•  Monthly SARS Payroll Retums

•  SARS VAT Retum

Junior Bookkeeper: Computerised

Bookkeeping (ICB/04)

•  Computerised Accounting Package

•  Word Processing

•  Spreadsheets

•  Presentation graphics

Semester 1 Semester 2
Senior Bookkeeper: Financial Statements (lCB/05)

•  Fixed Assets Control

•  Accounting Year End

•  Annual Financial Statements

•  Cash Flow Statements

Senior Bookkeeper Module: Cost and

Management Accounting (ICB/06)

•  Accounting for Manufacturing Concerns

•  Break Even Analysis

•  Cost, Volume/Profit Analysis

•  Budgeting and Standard Costing

•  Financial Management & Business Ethics
Business Law and Accounting Control (ICB/07)

•  Contact Law

•  Insolvency Law

•  Estate Planning

•  Internal Auditing

•  Computer Auditing

Income Tax (ICB/08)

•  Tax

•  Tax Retums

•  Estate Duty

•  Taxation Planning

•  Value Added Tax

Career Focus

This qualification can lead to the following career opportunities:

•  Senior Bookkeeper

•  Creditors Clerk

•  Payroll Administrator

•  Accounting Supervisor

•  Trainee Accountant

•  Debtors Clerk

•  Business Law & Accounting
•  Bookkeeping Clerk

•  Accounts Clerk

•  Tax Administrator

•  Junior Account Control

•  Cash Book Controller

•  Financial CIerk

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