Sound Engineering
2 Years Full Time
If sound is in your blood, listen up.

This highly popular course will equip you with the technical knowledge, theoretical understanding, and personal confidence to deal with all aspects of sound engineering and production across the globe.

It is becoming more and more evident that the sound industry is needing educated and trained young sound engineers who can leave the halls of academia and enter the workplace without there being too much of a gap in training. Cityvarsity Sound engineering affords those who study here the opportunity to not only work with state-of-the-art technology, but also to learn from their peers, lecturers and directly linked industry related work in order to achieve a smooth transition into the highly competitive workplace. To put it simply, this course takes you from knowing very little to being able to do the job. Well!

The Sound engineering diploma (and advanced diploma) teaches the student every possible angle of the industry in both a theoretical and practical way. We focus on making sure there is a good fundamental theoretical basis before applying that knowledge practically. The students then practically apply their new skillsets to ensure that correct and appropriate aesthetic standards are aligned to industry demands and expectations.

Our studios are fully equipped with state of the art hardware and software (including Cubase 7, Pro Tools 9, Reason 5 and Wavelab 6).

Our graduates find employment in commercials, feature films, television, radio, live sound, location sound and in any of the numerous sound studios and post-production facilities requiring sound engineers and producers.

Sound good? Sound’s great!

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