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Social Work
4 Years Full Time
The Bachelor of Social Work is a generalist programme designed for the students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and values, with the emphasis on preventive, pro-active and developmental approaches to social service delivery to individuals, groups and communities in accordance with developmental policy as outlined post 1994.


Bachelor of Social Work has 27 exit level outcomes which are reflected in the SAQA and SACSSP documents which have to be understood and demonstrated by students as well as integrated into the curriculum. Bachelor of Social Work is registered by SAQA at NQF LEVEL 8. Level descriptors are also at 8.


As per SACSSP Bachelor of Social Work should have 510 credits. The curriculum of Social Work consists of 20 Core modules which are 320 credits, 12 Electives which are192 credits and 1 fundamental which is16 credits. Because of the weighting of the modules in the Social Work programme the credit value is 16, the total is therefore 528 instead of 510.

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