SEO strategy
10 weeks Part Time

Part-Time SEO strategy short course

Duration: 10 weeks

Become an SEO strategist

This short course will give you all of the knowledge and tools required to become an Search Engine Optimisation strategist.

It will allow you join a team in a junior capacity, but the foundation you’ll get will lay a solid platform for many years of learning to come.

Everything from understanding what a Search Engine is to complicated site audits will be covered.

The content of the course will include:

  • Basics of Search
    This will introduce the concept of search and how this applies to search engines.  It will also introduce the basic principles that have and always will apply.

  • Introduction to SEO
    SEO is an involved process, but there are basic principals that will always apply.

  • Keyword Research
    A good SEO campaign starts with knowing what keywords to target so this module covers how this should be done.

  • Site Structures
    A good site structure will mean that more of your site gets seen by Google.

  • Competitors – tools and intelligence
    Knowing who is ranking for which keywords will give you an indication of which keywords to target.

  • Google Analytics and Data mining
    Once your campaign is running, you’ll need to know what is working and what isn’t – Google Analytics will tell you this.

  • Search Engine Algorithms
    The rankings we get are determined by algorithms that nobody knows.  We have our suspicions about how they work…

  • HTML
    There are HTML tags that the any SEO needs to know so we’ll take them through this list.

  • SE’s – What and How
    How a search engine finds a site, crawls it, indexes it, scores it links, how it see’s the code etc.  This is an important one.

  • Documentation
    There are documents that should be produced when a campaign starts so that your client is kept in the picture.

  • Advanced Google Analytics
    This modules takes Google Analytics to a new level and equips the SEO’s with more in-depth skills to extract more info.

  • Reporting
    Every SEO campaign needs reporting (daily, weekly or monthly) so you can show your client progress.

  • Google Webmaster Tools and data mining
    Google’s webmaster tool conveys information to the SEO on problems that a site is experiencing.  You need to know what to look for though…

  • Site Health
    An unhealthy site can get banned from Google’s index so you need to know what to look for.

  • Content
    Content is King so you need to understand what works and how to plan for this.

  • Link building
    The key to getting keywords to improve their rankings lies in effective link building.  We have a few ideas on how this can be done risk-free.

  • Tools
    There are paid for and free tools that every SEO should use – we list them all.

  • Whitehat SEO
    There are various ways of doing SEO, but when you’re working on high-profile brands, you need to keep it clean.

  • Social Media Overview
    Social signals are becoming more and more key in indicating to Google who is the most relevant site for a particular keyword search.

  Who would benefit from this course?

  • People looking to understand how a website should be built to capture Google traffic

  • People who have a brand that relies on internet based sales

  • People who are looking for a holistic approach to 'digital marketing’

  • Technical people who are looking for a different speciality

  • Developers who are looking for a unique selling proposition

  • Digital marketing company owners who have clients asking about SEO

  • Account managers who have clients that could benefit from this type of service.

  • Digital agency owners looking to expand their service offering.

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