3 Years Full Time
Admission requirements

A recognised BPsych or Honours (Psychology) degree in Psychology is required to be considered for admission into the course. In order to gain entry into the MPsych
degree, applicants must have obtained a minimum average of 65% in their Psychology honours degree or 4th year of their BPsych degree. MPsych applicants will also have to undergo a selection process to ensure academic capability and personal suitability.


The Masters of Psychology (MPsych) degree is only offered on a full-time basis. It is offered over a minimum period of three years which includes a full-time one year internship in accordance with the HPCSA regulations.


The MPsych degree offered by MGI has been developed in order to meet the psychological needs of the South African population. Accredited with the HPCSA, the course allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of the major paradigms, principles, methods, and theories of psychology and human behaviour. Students are provided with a solid grounding in the academic theory underpinning the main concepts of the field of psychology. In addition, practical and interpersonal skills are developed in order to prepare the student for the profession of Counselling Psychologist. This, combined with an emphasis on ethical considerations and an unrelenting demand for excellence, provides the comprehensive training required to produce quality professionals. The curriculum comprises a two year theoretical component which includes the completion of a research dissertation. Successful completion of all academic requirements will lead to a one year internship which serves as the third and final year of the MPsych programme.

Qualification structure

The syllabus comprises of

Advanced Psychological and Psychometric Assessment
Advanced Community Psychology
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Advanced Theory and Practice of Psychopathology
Advanced Research Methods and Evaluation
Advanced Theory and Practice of Counselling
and Psychotherapy
Research Project

The programme is exclusively offered at the Midrand campus over two years with an internship in the third year.

For more information please contact a student advisor.

For more info
Midrand Graduate Institute

T: +27 (0)11 690 1700
[email protected]

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