Boston Campus
Full Time

Pre-Employment Readiness Programme

Module One: Getting Started

  • Putting together your CV

  • Model CV

  • Electronic Applications

  • Job Applications

  • Job Advertisements

  • Your Covering Letter

  • How to Write a Covering Letter

  • Model Covering Letter

Module Two: The Interview

  • Different Types of Interviews

  • Preparing for the Interview

  • During the Interview

  • After the Interview

Module Three: Employment Agencies

  • How does an Employment Agency Work?

  • How to Approach an Agency?

  • Overseas Employment

Module Four: The Market Place: Contracts and Laws

  • Contracts

  • What is a job description?

  • Where will I work?

  • How much time will I have to put into my job?

  • How will I be paid?

  • What if I want to leave?

  • What is a disciplinary code and how does it lead to disciplinary action?

  • Can I lose my job if they think I am not doing my job well enough?

  • What about safety in the workplace?

  • How can I further my prospects in a company?

  • What about affirmative action?

  • Sexual Harassment

  • HIV Status? Do I have to declare it?

Kick-off your career – get your first position in the business world.

Find out what you will need to know, and do, to make your job search easier and more successful!

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