Power Engineering
3 Years Full Time
Power Engineering consists out of the following:
- Fundamentals of electrical engineering.
- Generation of power by means of conventional and alternative energy sources.
- Transmission and distribution of electrical power.
- Electrical Machines and Power Transformers.
- Electrical Protection and Power Electronics.
- Illumination, Networks, Systems, etc.
So you can see that Power Engineering forms an integral part of almost every industrial or household activity. There is a continuous demand for technicians and technologists in this field either from the electricity suppliers, mines, large industries, municipalities or small businesses.
Our diplomats and graduates are equipped with the knowledge, drive and initiative to play a leading role in securing a healthy future in this country through the field of Power Engineering.
In the engineering team, the technician will have to act as manager in order to give the instructions received from senior personnel, usually engineers and to his subordinates, usually artisans. Power Engineering reflects a dynamic and changing environment. It is practised by people who are critical, inquisitive and creative. If you are such a person - then this course is just for you!

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