Marketing and Communications
1 Year Full Time

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Communications

Duration: 1 year

Marketing Communication is about the relationship between consumers, their lifestyles and the brands that make them feel good. You will build brands up and give them the ability to impact lives, installing them into our cultural Zeitgeist. You will learn how Integrated Marketing Communications channel the voice of the brand and how Consumer Insight leads to ideas that build creative campaign solutions for clients’ brands.

The hands-on “Real Projects for Real Brands for Real Clients” orientation of the programme aimed at graduates turns high-potential candidates into well-versed, confident and effective marketing and communications experts who learn by doing in a work-world environment.

DURATION: In one you year will receive a NQF Level 6 Diploma in Marketing and Advertising.

The course sets out to impart the skills required to create and sustain brands that become an inextricable part of consumers’ lives.

Unlike other marketing diplomas, you will be immersed in all the facets of the business, meaning you are not forced into choosing a particular discipline, excluding yourself from others. You have the opportunity to effectively integrate brand messaging to take on the full spectrum of roles and to demonstrate their affinity and synergy in using the touchpoints that best reach target consumers. In this way you are truly empowered to take the initiative in the multi-faceted world of Marketing Communications.

You are immediately exposed to the scope of the industry and the vibrant people in it, and invited to try your hand at its main disciplines. Enhancement of personal skills also takes place early on – maximising individual potential, team dynamics and presentation skills – all of which are highly valued in the industry, will enhance your career success and will stay with you forever.


The fundamentals of effective communications are prioritised and entrenched to reflect the importance that strategy carries both in the School and the Industry. Students learn to apply concepts and processes that give greater insight into forces in the marketplace, consumers' willingness and ability to buy, and the effective positioning of brands. You will become accomplished in applying the principles and processes of Integrated Marketing Communication and understand the core components of this exciting profession.


By the halfway stage, you will have played roles and key functions in business strategy/planning and formulation (Get-To-By), agency/project management, communications channel/media management (Bought/Owned/Earned Media), Research, Trends and Trending, Behavioural Economics. You will play specific roles in team situations, the most effective form of learning, leading to brand building, target marketing and building permanently acquired skills.


Networking with prospective employers, preparing for interviews and personal guidance are the final steps to making students work-ready. Students also have the opportunity at the end of the course to demonstrate individual, leading edge prowess in an Industry Project of their choice for which they get real world feedback from top industry players.


You will work hard. You'll have fun and make lasting friends. You'll gain a wealth of real world, practical experience. You'll be surprised at what you will accomplish. You'll need to be self-motivated and have a strong work ethic because the pace is dynamic, fluid, and urgent. If you've made the correct career choice, however, you'll enjoy and savour every day because the work environment reflects the school's philosophy that joy is attained though accomplishment. After you graduate, you'll be part of a very select, accomplished group; work-ready and eager to hit the road running.

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