3 Years Full Time
Photographers work in the world of visual communication. Through the media of still and motion images as well as sound they communicate with individuals and the masses. Their role is to convey ideas, concepts, and information by means of a photograph and / or video and audio productions. This form of communication can be found in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, billboards, books, posters and many other media. The photographer and media producer may photograph and video a broad or narrow range of subjects, such as news events, advertising, still life, fashion, manufacturing industries, scientific studies, portraits, buildings and anything for which there is a demand. Work can be done for exhibitions, printing in publications, packaging and posters or for use in audiovisual presentations, multimedia productions and the internet. Photographers are required to work with sophisticated equipment and to be familiar with the various photographic, video and sound processes. Most photographic and related multimedia work presents a range of practical problems including lighting, composition, exposure, as well as stills, video and sound post-processing. The photographer /media producer is a businessperson, dealing with a variety of clients on a day to day basis, making a living through effective visual communication.

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