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Paralegal Practice

SAQA ID 49597
NQF Level 5 (131 credits)

*F = Fundamental C=Core E= Elective

Course Breakdown

F/C/E* NQF Level NQF Credits Unit Standard Number Unit Standard Title
        The Legal Systems
C 5 15 119508 Demonstrate and Understanding of South African Law and Legal System with Specific Emphasis on Paralegalism
E 5 5 15093 Demonstrate insight into Democracy as a Form of Governance and its Implications for a Diverse Society
F 5 20 119505 Apply Fundamental Legal Concepts, Principles, Theories and Values within a Paralegal Sector
        Ethics and Professionalism
C 5 10 119509 Guide and Refer Clients in Terms of Legal Enquiries
C 6 6 14505 Apply the Principles of Ethics and Professionalism to a Business Environment
F 5 3 11994 Monitor, Reflect and Improve on Own Performance
C 5 6 7865 Improve Services to Customers
        Communication Skills
F 5 10 8647 Apply Workplace Communication Skills
E 4 5 13948 Negotiate an Agreement or Deal in an Authentic Work Situation
C 5 20 119503 Demonstrate an Understanding of Procedure in Courts and other Fora
C 5 5 115855 Create, Maintain and Update Record-Keeping Systems
C 5 4 110531 Plan, Organise and Control the Day-To-Day Administration of an Office Support Function
E 4 6 114738 Perform Financial Planning and Control Functions for a Small Business
        Research and Information
C 5 5 115823 Gather and Manage Information for Decision-Making
C 5 6 8663 Plan and Conduct a Research Project
C 6 6 116104 Use Technology Effectively in the Practice of Law
        Practical Work Related Assignments
        Assignments Booklets contain compulsory Assignments and Practical Tasks relating to all Core and Elective unit standards

Entry Requirements: It is compulsory that a Learner has achieved a Grade 12 Matric Certificate, with English and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy. Computer Literacy is also recommended - refer to Recommended Subjects and select according to Prior Learning.

Recommended Subjects (Subjects to prior learning)

  • Keyboarding

  • Intro to P.C.

  • Windows

  • Word Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Understanding the Internet

  • Conveyancing

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