Boston Campus
Full Time

Office Management

SAQA ID 23618/23619/35958
NQF Level 5 | NQF Level 6| 360 credits

Year One
Core Subjects

  • Office Communication (ICB)

  • Business and Office Administration 1 (ICB)

  • Bookkeeping (ICB)

  • Marketing Management and Public Relations (ICB)

  • Business Law and Administrative Practice (ICB)

  • Cost and Management Accounting (ICB)

Certified Junior Office Administrator - CJOAIcb (SA)
Certificate: Office Administration NQF Level 5 (SAQA ID 23618)

Year Two
Core Subjects

  • Business and Office Administration 2 (ICB)

  • Human Resources Management and Labour Relations (ICB)

  • Economics (ICB)

Certified Senior Office Administrator - CSOAIcb (SA)
Higher Certificate: Office Administration NQF Level 5 (SAQA ID 23619)

  • Business and Office Administration 3 (ICB)

  • Financial Accounting (ICB)

  • Management (ICB)

Certified Office Manager - COMIcb (SA)
National Diploma: Office Administration NQF Level 6 (SAQA ID 35958)

Personality Profile

  • Organised

  • Dynamic

  • Efficient

  • Responsible

  • Confident


  • Communicate effectively in an organisational environment

  • Understand current legal provisions regarding administrative practice of corporate bodies in South African context.

  • Understand principles of Cost and Management Accounting.

  • Possess sound knowledge of the role of marketing, find market opportunities, control marketing plans.

  • Understand and apply basic principles of law affecting business relationships/transactions.

  • Understand the principles of office management

  • Apply management principles in a broad range of management disciplines.

  • Possess advanced knowledge of office administration with skills in office procedure.

  • Perform role of executive assistant to management or office administrator.

Recommended Subjects (Subject to prior learning)

  • Keyboarding

  • Intro to P.C.

  • Windows

  • Word Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Understanding the Internet

Special Feature
Obtain three SAQA Certifications and three ICB Designations in two years!

Year One

  • SAQA ID: 23618 Certificate in Office Administration - NQF Level 5, 120 credits

  • ICB Designation: Certified Junior Office Administrator CJOAIcb (SA)

Year Two

  • SAQA ID: 23619 Higher Certificate in Office Administration - NQF Level 5, 240 credits

  • ICB Designation: Certified Senior Office Administration CSOAIcb (SA)

  • SAQA ID: 35958 National Diploma in Office Administration - NQF Level 6, 360 credits

  • ICB Designation: Certified Office Manager COMIcb (SA)

Entry Requirement: All Learners may enrol for this Qualification, irrespective of their prior knowledge /experience. Computer literacy is recommended.

Tuition fees include Learner workbooks. Membership and assessment Fees to the ICB will be charged separately

For more information or to apply, please click here.


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