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Part Time
SAQA ID : 50332


(Minimum credits : 120)

Purpose of Qualification: This qualification is for those who provide training in the workplace or for those who have been practising within this field but, without formal recognition. Upon completion of this qualification, learners will be able to prepare for and facilitate learning, provide learner support, carry out administration related to learning and contribute to Human Resource Management Practises. This qualification comprises of 30% theory and 70% practical (Work Intergrated Learning)

Availability: Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Braamfontein, Cape Town, Polokwane and Port Elizabeth.

Registered with: Department of Education.

Accredited by: ETDP Seta.

Admission requirements: NQF 3 (Maths and Communication).

Minimum completion time: 1 year.

Articulation: This qualification articulates horizontally with the following qualifications:

•  National Certificate ABET Practise Level 4, 20828

•  National Certificate ECD Level 4, 23116

•  FETC Development Practise Level 4, 23904

Vertical articulation is possible with the following qualifications:

•  National Certificate ODETD Level 5, 50334

•  Diploma ODETD Level 5, 48869

•  Professional Diploma Education Level 5, 20478

•  Certificate Education Level 5, 20160

•  Diploma ABET Practise Level 5, 20159

•  Diploma ECD Level 5, 23118

•  Diploma Development Practise Level 5, 49710

Assessment of programme: Assessment is conducted as both Formative Assessment & Summative Assessment. The Formative Assessment is covered as a Continuous Assessment Test and compilation of a Portfolio of Evidence by the learner. The Summative Assessment takes place as a National Summative Exam for 1st & 2nd Semester. It is compulsory for all learners to complete Work Integrated Learning (WIL) for completion of the programme.

Semester 1

Semester 2


Mathematic Literacy

Couching and Learner Support

Recruit and select Candidates to fill defined positions

Addressing Special Needs for Learners

Preparation and Presentation of Evidence for Assessment

Financial Legislation

Audience Profiles and Skills Gaps

Use of Different Methodologies

Career Focus

This qualification can lead to the following career opportunities:

•  ETD Coordinators

•  Junior Training Officers

•  Entry Level trainers

•  Training administrators

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