Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
3 Years Full Time


This programme aims to give a range of textile knowledge with some emphasis on fashion. It allows the student flexibility to respond readily to the changing textile world. Individual design development and product development constitutes a major part of the studies.

Personal style development is strongly encouraged throughout the course. The programme allows the student to explore interest areas of a specialised nature. Either formal design and merchandising can be pursued as it relates to the fashion, interiors and textile industry or technological innovation with regard hi-tech fibres, knitting and weaving systems.

Admission requirements

(Please note that these are the specific programme admission requirements - the university has its own minimum admission requirements.)


Only after successfully completing the Introductory Studies programme are students considered for placement in the diploma programme.

The student must attend an interview and submit a portfolio of relevant first-year work appropriate to their proposed area of specialization. A challenge test may also be required to finalise the selection process. Admission to the student's desired area of specialisation is not guaranteed and it is therefore recommended that students interview for more than one area of specialization.

First year subjects:

  • Computer Applications

  • Design technology

  • Drawing

  • Studio work

  • Presentation

  • Drawing for design

  • Communication in English

Second year subjects:

  • Preparatory studies

  • Textile and design studies

  • Theory of textiles

  • History of textiles

  • Textile and design technology

  • Textile design

  • Textile design technology

  • Computer skills

  • Business skills

Third year subjects:

  • Preparatory studies

  • Textile ad design studies

  • Theory of textiles

  • History of textiles

  • Textile and design technology

  • Textile design

  • Experiential trianing

  • Business Skills

Careers: textile designer.

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