Marketing Management
3 Years Full Time

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management


All full-time undergraduate degree programmes are offered over a minimum period of three years.


Marketing is one of the most exciting, challenging, and essential components of a successful modern business environment. This profession offers diversity and variety in the field and requires creative thinkers with sound business, communicative, and organisational skills, as well as a thorough understanding of various marketing concepts.

MGI’s BCom in Marketing Management degree offers students a hands-on approach to analysing the marketing environment, understanding consumer personalities and decision-making, segmentation, and trends. It teaches students to identify target markets and product positioning as well as the finer skills regarding the drafting and implementation of marketing mix strategies and strategic marketing plans.

Concepts such as consumer interactions, advertising, brand loyalty, and awareness are analysed, whilst students are exposed to the fundamental aspects of sales ethics, planning, evaluation, and performance determinants. Students gain theoretical knowledge of, and practical experience in, advertising, personal selling, sales management and Internet marketing. Other aspects include media and marketing research, media planning and design, as well as public relations principles.

Also included in the course are:

  • The development of new innovative products;

  • The extension of product lines;

  • The management of the product range using various theoretical marketing models.

 The programme offers students insight into the cultural environment of global markets, exposing them to all elements of the marketing environment and providing them with the necessary skills to be experts in their field.

Qualification structure

The syllabus comprises three levels:

Level 1

Students are introduced to the basic principles of marketing. Computer literacy and various introductory business skills subjects are included in the curriculum.

  • Business English

  • Business Management IA

  • Business Management IB

  • Computer Skills

  • Consumer Behaviour

  • Economics IA

  • Economics IB

  • Internet Marketing

  • Introduction to Financial Accounting

  • Marketing I

  • Quantitative Techniques

 Level 2

Students develop an intermediate level of knowledge and skills in marketing.

  • Advertising and Sales Promotion

  • Business Law

  • Economics IIA

  • Economics IIB

  • Marketing IIA

  • Marketing IIB

  • Marketing Research

  • Project Management

  • Research Methodology

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

  • General Management

Level 3

  • Business Ethics

  • Finance for Marketing

  • Internship

  • International Marketing

  • Marketing for Services

  • Organisational Change

  • Relationship Marketing

  • Research Project

  • Strategic Brand Management

  • Strategic Management

Students who fulfill all the requirements for Levels 1, 2, and 3 are awarded the MGI Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing degree.

Career options

  • Marketing Manager

  • Media Planner

  • Advertising Consultant

  • Sales Representative

  • Marketing Consultant

  • Research Manager

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