2013 University of Free State Application Registration
Full Time
The successful candidate will be able to: identify and solve legal problems through critical and creative thought; approach and study personal and professional activities in a responsible, ethical and effective manner; do effective legal research by gathering, analysing and critically evaluating information; communicate effectively in writing and verbally; co-operate effectively with others in society; use technology effectively and responsibly to the advantage of the community as a whole; See the law as a component of a system of interdependent systems within the community where problem-solving cannot occur in isolation.

Type: undergraduate degree

Duration: 5 years full time

Compulsory Subjects

First year subjects:

  • Introduction to legal studies

  • Legal history

  • Mathematics literacy

  • Skills and competency in lifelong learning

  • Computer literacy

  • Computer usage

  • Roman law

Second year subject:

  • Criminal law

  • Family law

  • Legal practice

  • Legal skills

  • Law of persons

Third year subjects:

  • Criminal law

  • Labour law

  • Law of succession and administration of estates

  • Legal interpretation

  • Legal practice

  • Criminal procedure

  • Law of contract

  • Law of evidence

Fourth year subjects:

  • Law of business enterprises

  • Law of delict

  • Legal pluralism

  • Legal practice

  • Commercial law contracts, consumer and insurance law

  • Public law

  • Instruments of payment and immaterial property law

  • Law of things

  • Public law

  • Tax law

Fifth year subjects:

  • Capita selecta from private law

  • Civil procedure

  • Jurisprudence

  • Legal practice

  • Public law

  • International law

  • Law of insolvency and liquidation

  • Law of third party compensation

Careers: Attorney, legal advisor, lawyer, judge.



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