Internet Communication
3 Years Full Time

Bachelor of Science in Internet Communication


Full-time undergraduate degree programme are offered over a minimum of three years.


MGI’s BSc in Internet Communication is grounded in the fundamental body of communication and information systems (IS) knowledge. The programme provides a unique model of higher education. People who can communicate at appropriate technical levels will find that the programme bridges the gap between the layman and expert.

The programme is a mix between a traditional technical writing programme and a Web-based information technology programme. The programme aims to develop students’ writing skills and provides fluency with the latest technologies.

It provides students with a solid grounding in the academic theory underpinning the main concepts of information technology and technical communication as the curriculum includes a significant experiential component, culminating in an industry project which forms part of the final year curriculum. Also in the curriculum is a range of relevant, more generalized modules, which aim to broaden the knowledge base of the student. Qualifying learners will have the freedom to choose between working for small businesses or large corporations. They will be capable of providing professional services to various types of businesses.


The syllabus comprises three levels of study.

Level 1

Students are introduced to the basic principle of Internet Communication.

  • Communication Science I

  • Journalism: Writing to Print

  • Media Theory I

  • Software Development IA & IB

  • Computer Science IB – Generic Algorithm Design

  • Computer Science IC – Discrete Mathematics

  • Business Management IA & IB

  • Computer Skills

 Level 2

Students develop an intermediate level of knowledge and skills in Internet Communication.

  • Communication Science II

  • Journalism: Print Specialisation and Production

  • Media Theory II

  • Software Development IIA & IIB

  • Computer Science IIC – Operating Systems

  • Media Law

  • Information Systems IIB – Project Management

  • Marketing I

  • Advertising and Sales Promotion

Level 3

  • Communication Science III

  • Media Theory III

  • Software Development IIIB – Internet programming

  • and E-Commerce

  • Computer Science IIB – Networking

  • Business Ethics

  • Project

  • Media Ethics

  • Information Systems IIIA – Systems Analysis and Design

Students who successfully complete all levels of study are awarded the Midrand Graduate Institute Bachelor of Science degree in Internet Communication.

Career options

  • Technical Liaison

  • Network Administrator

  • Web Editor

  • Technical Writer

  • Journalist

  • Web Developer

  • Web Designer

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