Information Technology
1 Year Full Time

Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Information Technology

Admission requirements

In order for applicants to be considered for admission into the honours programme, they need to be in possession of one of the following: BSc Informatics, BSc Computer Science, BSc Internet Communication, BSc Information Technology, BSc Information Systems degree or a relevant recognised undergraduate equivalent degree in the IT field. The student should have achieved at least 60% average during the exit year of the applicable qualification. The student should also meet the minimum prerequisites for the modules being offered.


A full-time postgraduate degree programme is offered over a minimum of one year.


MGI's BSc Hons programme provides the student with a more advanced level of understanding of specialised topics in IT, grounded in the fundamental body of communication and information systems (IS) knowledge and research in the field of IT. Students who can communicate at the appropriate technical level will find that the programme bridges the gap between the layman and the expert.

The programme will offer graduates a solid knowledge base in database administration, project management, business analysis and objects, research methodology, professional practice in information technology, and programming. The BSc Hons in IT will represent a reasonable foundation of knowledge of both software development and information systems analysis and design. The nature of the discipline of information technology is such that students' attention is focused to a large extent on technology rather than on the community that surrounds them.

Given this focus, we believe that it is important that students are also encouraged to understand the importance of making a contribution to the community in which they live.
The focus will also be to empower the student to run their own business. We attempt to create this understanding through different modules, for example the inclusion of
soft skills development of IT professionals in information technology and advanced project management modules, where each student, is required to complete assessments
that will prove their ability to contribute to the information technology development.
They will be capable of providing professional services to various types of businesses.


Soft skills development for the IT professional
Information Systems 4A: Project Management
Software Development 4A: Advanced PDA JAVA Software
Computer Science 4A: Business Objects Service Oriented
Database 4A: Data Administration and Data Mining
Research Methodology
Research Project

Students who successfully complete the required modules are awarded the Midrand Graduate Institute Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Information Technology.

Career options

Graduates will have the freedom to choose between working for small businesses, large corporations, or their own business. They will be able to provide professional
services to various types of businesses as entrepreneurs, running their own company, systems analysts and designers, database administrators with specialisation in data mining, programmers, or as members of ICT projects.

For more information please contact a student advisor.

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