Boston Campus
Full Time

Hotel and Catering Operations

SAQA ID: 59911
NQF Level 4 (126 Credits)

Year One

Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Food Production Principles 1

  • Food and Beverage Services 1

  • Reception and Switchboard Skills

  • Introduction to Business Accounting (FMI)

  • Practical Bookkeeping 1 (FMI)

  • Intro to P.C.

  • Windows

  • Understanding the Internet

  • Word Processing

  • Spreadsheets

  • Business English

  • General Office Practice

  • Reservations and Front-of-House Programme (Jade Apex)

  • Practical Cooking Skills

  • Field Trips

Choice Subjects (Subject to Prior Learning)

  • Keyboarding

  • Life Skills

  • Database

  • Practical Bookkeeping 2 (FMI)

Fundamental Subjects (Subject to Prior Learning)

  • Business Literacy: English

  • Business Literacy: Mathematics

If a Learner has not passed Grade 12, it is necessary to register for both subjects shown under the Fundamental Subject heading.

Year Two

Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Food Production Principles 2

  • Food and Beverage Services 2

  • Food Costing

  • Principles of Baking

  • Business Management Techniques

  • Principles of Customer Service

  • Presentation Graphics

  • Spreadsheets Advanced

  • Word Processing Advanced

  • Principles of Business Communication

  • Practical Cooking Skills

  • Field Trips

Personality Profile

  • Friendly

  • Helpful

  • Hardworking

  • Accurate

  • Creative

  • Diplomatic


  • Understand the Hospitality environment

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Customer Service

  • Demonstrate computer literacy in the Hospitality environment.

  • Execute administrative functions within the Hospitality environment

  • Demonstrate the preparation of basic food and drinks in the Hospitality environment

  • Maintain own operations in the Hospitality environment.

Special Features

  • Guest Speakers from the Industry

  • Regular Workshops and Assignments

  • Field Trips and Outings

  • Practical Kitchen Demonstrations

Entry Requirements:

If a Learner has passed Grade 12 with English and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, it is not necessary to register for the Fundamental Subjects. If a Learner has passed Grade 12 with English but not Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, it is necessary to register for “Business Literacy Mathematics” under Fundamental Subjects shown.

Work Place Experience
Please note that Learners must obtain experiential training (work place experience) for a minimum of three months, in order to complete their Qualification. Work place Assessments will be necessary.


  • SAQA ID: 59911 Hospitality and Catering Operations - NQF Level 4, 126 Credits

  • If one Subject, Practical Bookkeeping 2(FMI) is added, Learner also qualifies as an Assistant Bookkeeper (FASSET SETA)

  • Certificate (Boston)

For more information or to apply, please click here.

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