Graphic Design
3 Years Full Time
The Graphic Design Industry represents one of the largest industries within applied visual arts. This gives people with the right qualification a wide range of excellent career prospects.

At The Design School Southern Africa, Graphic Design is an intensive three-year full time qualification, designed to supply students a sound platform from which to enter this dynamic and expanding field. The aim of the programme is to develop flexible, creative minded individuals capable of working within this rapidly evolving discipline.

The programme exposes students to the entire design process and offers a holistic approach to graphic design as a creative career. The syllabus is designed to create a supportive environment within which the student’s creative potential can flourish. At the same time each subject seeks to help the learner identify his or her strength.

Students will learn to apply the correct equipment, materials and techniques to a range of processes, utilising both computer graphics and traditional techniques.

Integration and experimentation across subject areas are actively encouraged and students are offered the opportunity to develop a professionally tutored portfolio of work suitable for application to the industry.

SAQA ID: 87308

Subjects: Illustration | Drawing | Commercial Art | Photography | Art & Design Theory and Research | Visual Communication | Business Practice | Graphic Design

Portfolio Requirements

  • 2 object drawings (natural objects) in grey pencil. Minimum size A4

  • 2 object drawings (Man made objects) in grey pencil. Minimum size A4

  • 1 poster promoting any product, service or idea in any colour media. Minimum size A3

  • Minimum of 1 free choice artwork in any medium or format.

[Possible Careers]:

Graphic designer, art director, layout artist, illustrator, desktop publisher

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