3 Years Full Time
Design Studies 1,11,111  This module consists of the following modules: Drawing & Illustration, Creative Design, History of Design and Visual Culture. These modules cover the various aspects of Fashion design ranging from haute couture to fashion retail. It also allows the fashion designer to make an effective contribution by combining creativity with technological understanding.

Business Studies 1,11,111

This subject consists of the following modules: Communication & Human Resources, Retail Merchandising, Entrepreneurship, Business Management, End-User Computing and Applied Communication Skills. Fashion merchandising is an energetic and fast-paced field and requires a creative, efficient professional involvement in all phases of marketing merchandise to consumers.
Professional skills and communication skills are included, also, the ability to function effectively in an ever changing communication environment and a knowledge of proper business practice.

Applied Clothing Technology 1,11,111 Garment Technology, Pattern Technology, Grading, Textiles and Visual Literacy. Emphasis is placed on theoretical and practical aspects of garment technology, pattern technology, pattern grading and textiles.

Theory of Clothing 1,11,111 Clothing Management & Technology, CAD and Technological Literacy. The application of fashion design is incorporated into computer aided design and production environment studies.

In the final year of study the student completes a minimum period of 6 weeks in-service training. The student can do Work Integrated Learning in various fields of study. The final mark is compiled from reports written by the mentor, student and lecturer.

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