Fashion Merchandising
1 Year Full Time

The purpose of this programme is to prepare graduates to enter into careers in fashion merchandising with adequate knowledge of business, marketing, public relations and merchandising in the fashion industry.

The programme is structured to provide a background in business and marketing while the focus remains on fashion and fashion as a business, to provide the context within which they will carry out a range of functions related to fashion merchandising.

This programme firstly provides the student with a broad background and understanding of fashion. Students learn about textiles, manufacturing and technology related to fashion, fashion design principles, marketing and merchandising of fashion.

Alongside this, they learn about business and management principles, entrepreneurship, product organisation, and events coordination to present them with a well-rounded skillset to function effectively in industry.

Graduates will be able to facilitate the selection processes for fashion ranges and styles for specific markets, coordinate fashion events, exhibitions, sales, marketing and ordering processes, advise on the presentations, displays and presentations of fashion items in retail, and in general, support the fashion sales function.

*SAQA and DHET registration pending


Fashion History | Fashion Design Principles | BusinessPractice and Entrepreneurship | Events Planning and Coordination | Introduction to Personal Computing| Introduction to Public Relations | Textiles | Clothing Manufacturing and Technology | Fashion Marketing|Fashion Merchandising | Production Organization

Entry requirements

The minimum entry requirements for Higher Certificate

studies is a national Senior certificate (NSC) with higher Certificate admission, or equivalent

Possible Careers:

This Higher Certificate prepares students for careers in:Fashion retail, Fashion buying, Fashion merchandising,Fashion events coordinators, Sales promotion, Fashion marketing.

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