Export Management
1 Year Full Time
The Higher Certificate in Export Management consists of seven modules:

The Higher Certificate in Export Management will be offered as a basic entry-level export qualification at level 5 of the NQF (HEQF aligned) and will consist of 135 credits.

To qualify for the Higher Certificate in Export Management, students must write and pass examinations in all modules allocated to the certificate programme. The Higher Certificate in Export Management can be completed within a minimum of one year of full-time study or within two years of part-time study. This certificate must be completed within four years.

Articulation from the Higher Certificate in Marketing to the Diploma in Marketing Management

Graduates must have successfully completed all the modules on the Higher Certificate in Marketing offered by the IMM GSM.

Application procedure

Applications must be submitted to the National Registrar within a five-year period after qualifying with any of the above-mentioned qualifications. On receiving the application, the Registrar will inform the applicant which additional modules need to be completed in order to qualify for the conferral of the Diploma in Marketing Management.

The articulation must be completed within six years

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