Digital Copywriting
5 weeks

Digital Copywriting: Foundations and Application course

The Red & Yellow School presents a distance-based, 5-week Digital Copywriting: Foundations and Application course – a comprehensive guide to crafting perfect online copy for effective marketing and sales.

People consume and share information differently in the digital world than they do in traditional media. The internet is probing us to write in a way that is more concise and effective, particularly because online readers are time-starved.


This practical digital writing course will teach you the intricacies of writing for websites that grab and hold attention, creating positive associations for your brand.

Module 1: An Introduction to Digital Copywriting
Module 2: Laying the Foundations
Module 3: Writing for Websites and Mobi Sites
Module 4: Email, Advertising, PR and Social Media
Module 5:  Enhancing your Digital Copy

Why should I take this course?

  • Text is the foundation of the Internet. While images and videos make an impact, great writing is what makes customers love a brand – and eventually make a purchase

  • Become an effective digital copywriter by mastering the ins and outs of convincing copy, search engine optimisation, writing across a variety of media and mobile-optimised text

  • Perfect if you’re a current or aspiring digital copywriter, PR practitioner, marketing creative, small business owner, SEO specialist or anyone else who crafts digital copy

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