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Debt Recovery

SAQA ID 49021 | NQF LEVEL 4 (140 Credits)

*F = Fundamental C = Core E = Elective

F/C/E* NQF Level NQF Credits Unit Standard Number Unit Standard Title
        Principles of Credit Control
C 4 6 110021 Achieve Personal Effectiveness in Business Environment
C 4 6 116606 Communicate Orally with Relevant Stakeholders in the Recovery of Debt
C 4 5 13948 Negotiate an Agreement or Deal in an Authentic Work Situation
C 4 6 116598 Compile Debtor Correspondence in Accordance with Legislation and Standard Procedures
C 4 6 110023 Present Information in Report Format
C 5 4 110531 Plan, Organise and Control the Day-to-Day Administration of an Office Support Function
C 5 4 110526 Plan, Organise, Implement and Control Record-Keeping Systems
        Accounting Practices
C 4 6 116610 Assess and Allocate Debt Collecting Accounts According to Risk Profile
C 4 4 116601 Manage Credit Grantor Portfolio
C 4 6 116599 Manage Debtor Portfolio
E 4 6 12745 Demonstrate Knowledge and Understanding of Accounting Practice and Procedures Associated with the Collection of Debts
        Legalities and Ethics
C 5 10 116603 Demonstrate and Apply Understanding of the Legal Requirements Relevant to the Liquidation of Debt
E 5 12 116597 Manage Trust Accounts According to Relevant Act
C 4 6 116608 Demonstrate Knowledge and Application of Ethical Conduct in a Debt Recovery Work Context
        Practical Work Related Assignments
        Assignment Booklets contain compulsory Assignments and Practical Tasks relating to all Core and Elective unit standards
        Please Note:If a Learner has passed Grade 12 with English, a Second South African Language, and Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, then the Learner will be exempt from completing the Literacy Skills,Numeracy Skills and Second Language Clusters. Learners will therefore NOT be required to register for the 3 Clusters below
        Literacy Skills
F 4 5 119462 Engage in Sustained Oral/Signed Communication and Evaluate Spoken/ Signed Texts
F 4 5 119469 Read/View, Analyse and Respond to a Variety of Texts
F 4 5 12153 Use the Writing Process to Compose Texts Required in the Business Environment
F 4 5 119459 Write/Present/Sign Texts for a Wide Range of Contexts
        Numeracy Skills
        Assessments cover the three unit standards listed below
F 4 6 9015 Apply Knowledge of Statistics and Probability to Critically Interrogate and Effectively Communicate Findings on Life Related Problems
F 4 4 9016 Represent,Analyse and Calculate Shape and Motion in 2-and 3-Dimensional Space in Different Contexts
F 4 6 7468 Use Mathematics to Investigate and Monitor the Financial Aspects of Personal, Business, National and International Issues
        Second Language
        Assessments cover the four unit standards listed below
        Textbook: Long Walk to Freedom - Abridged version - Nelson Mandela
F 3 5 119472 Accommodate Audience and Context Needs in Oral/Signed Communication
F 3 5 119457 Interpret and Use Information from Texts
F 3 5 119465 Write/Present/Sign Texts for a Range of Communicative Contexts
F 3 5 119466 Interpret a Variety of Literary Texts

Recommended Subjects (Subject to prior learning)

  • Keyboarding

  • Spreadsheets

  • Intro to P.C.

  • Database

  • Word Processing

  • Introduction to Business Accounting (FMI)

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