1 Year Full Time
You’re way more creative than people realise. Your brain is a
restless beast, continually cranking out great ideas. Everywhere
you look is a story waiting to be told. It’s this kind of natural
creativity and constant curiosity about how something taken for
granted can be seen from a fresh perspective that is a highly
valued skill in the realm of creative brand communication. Yet
you’re still waiting for the right opportunity to step out of the
shadows and let the world see you shine. Well, here it is. Now
is the time and Vega is the place to access that creativity and
unleash it.
Get the support you need to access a diploma or degree in the
various fields of creative brand communication or, alternatively,
use the certificate to enter an internship, learnership or entrylevel position in creativity-centred industries. You’ll develop
the knowledge and skills in brand building and creative
communication as encountered in visual communication,
multimedia design and copywriting. A range of theoretical,
experiential and practical components will facilitate your
academic growth with particular emphasis upon critical,
strategic and conceptual thinking. Creativity is a priceless
commodity, so, if it courses through your veins it’s absolutely
essential you tap its true potential.
This higher certificate is for students who did not qualify for
a diploma or degree and are looking for a pathway into these
qualifications. It is an entry level qualification to gain the
necessary credentials and training for lucrative careers in the
creative brand communication sector.

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