Creative Brand Communications
3 Years Full Time
You have a burning curiosity about everything in life and
you yearn deeply to understand it all. So how exactly
does one go about achieving such a thing? By relentlessly
refining your creativity. It is creativity that is responsible
for all of humanities’ great innovations: be it in literature,
physics, painting, chemistry, medicine, mathematics,
biology, politics, philosophy or engineering, it is only
when a problem is approached creatively that a solution
is found. From the apple that fell on Newton’s head in 1672
to the Apple you work on today, it is only when great
curiosity inspires great creativity that the world stops
in its tracks and looks at you in collective amazement.
Curiosity and creativity run in your blood. You are
filled with the desire to apply your creativity to difficult,
complex questions and, by looking at these questions in
a whole new way, finding the answers you sought. But it
isn’t easy. Ideas are elusive beasts that are very hard to
trap and inspiration doesn’t come out of thin air. When
asked how he was inspired, the writer Jack London
quipped: “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go
after it with a club.”
This intensive, creativity-centric degree is such a
highly effective club. For three years your brain will
be given an intensive workout, bench-pressing heavy
concepts and spending hours each day experimenting
with executions. Whether you choose to specialise in
Visual Communication (Art Direction & Graphic Design),
Copywriting or Multimedia Design, your brain will leave
Vega a lean, mean creative machine.

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