Creative Arts
3 Years Full Time
Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Culture (AUDEG2)
Selected modules also offered under the BA Dual Major
B.A. (3 year degree) with various modules within
Drama, theatre and various art fields.
Entrance requirements:
Matriculation exemption endorsement or conditional exemption or equivalent.
Description of the programme
The programme is designed to equip the student for the exciting world of arts (World Ethnography, Kinetic Technique, Drama, Stage Design, Theatre, etc.). It is to train students as practitioners and researchers in the field of arts, culture and heritage. On completion a student will also be an eligible employee in the arts, culture and heritage industry or be prepared to become an entrepreneur for the arts.
These courses unearth the educative potential that the arts, culture and heritage have, in
development and change while remaining entertaining. In these courses, strong emphasis is placed
on performance, research and educational skills. Throughout the training, skills are harnessed and
intensified to equip the student with expertise to work in multicultural environments and develop
Employment opportunities, e.g. teaching profession, research, performer, director, choreographer,
composer, conductor, arts manager, producer, adjudicator, TV, film, radio, Department of Arts,
Culture and Heritage, museums, recording studios, arts critic, journalism, librarian, sound and
lighting engineering, NGO’s and CBO’s.

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