Boston Campus
Full Time

Certified Financial Accountant

SAQA ID 20336 – NQF Level 6 (280 Credits)
Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Corporate Strategy

  • Management Accounting and Control Systems

  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks

  • Accounting Theory and Practice (Dissertation)

Personality Profile

  • Logical

  • Responsible

  • Accurate

  • Ethical

  • Methodical

  • Strategic


  • Compile Annual Financial Statements

  • Sign off Annual Financial Statements for Close Corporations

  • Work closely with Chartered Certified Accountant and Registered Auditor

  • Have a thorough knowledge of Accounting Theory and Practice

  • Have a thorough knowledge of Corporate Strategy and Regulatory Frameworks

  • Ability to operate with management in an accounting environment

  • Comprehensive knowledge of bookkeeping, financial accounting, management accounting, cost accounting, personal and business taxation, business law and law accounting control.

  • Thorough knowledge of personal and business taxation  and of the Income Tax Act, the calculation of taxable income for both individuals and businesses, the skills for the completion of Income Tax returns as well as the ability to provide advice to clients and be current on South African Income Tax calculation and collection. Working knowledge of business law and accounting control (the audit function), including basic contract and insurance law, insolvency law, internal and computer auditing.

  • Certified Tax Technician (CTT) status as a member of the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners with a tax practitioner’s number allowing him/her to complete monthly and annual SARS returns on behalf of a client.


On successful completion, Learner is awarded:

  • SAQA ID: 20366 National Diploma in Financial Accounting, NQF Level 6, 280 Credits

  • Designated Certified Financial Accountant status from the Institution of Certified Bookkeepers CFAIcb (SA)


A Learner must already be in possession of the Certified Technical Financial Accountant (ICB) NQF Level 5 Qualification, before registering for the National Diploma: Certified Financial Accountant (ICB).

Tuition fees include Learner workbooks. Membership and Assessment Fees to ICB will be charged separately.

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