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Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)

SAQA ID 20397   |  NQF Level 5 (390 CREDITS)

Year One (Introductory)
Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Recording Financial Transactions (ACCA)
    Paper 1

  • Information for Management Control (ACCA)
    Paper 2

Year Two (Intermediate)
Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Maintaining Financial Records (ACCA)
    Paper 3

  • Accounting for Costs (ACCA)
    Paper 4

  • Managing People & Systems (ACCA)
    Paper 5

Year Three (Advanced)
Core Subjects (Compulsory)

  • Drafting Financial Statements (ACCA)
    Paper 6

  • Planning, Control & Performance Management (ACCA)
    Paper 7

  • Implementing Audit Procedures (ACCA)
    Paper 8

  • Managing Finances (ACCA)
    Paper 10

Note: Paper 9 is not offered since it is UK Tax, which is of no benefit to South African Learners

Learners Qualify for the Certified Accounting Technician Qualification without Paper 9; since it is an elective subject. 

Personality Profile

  • Responsible

  • Cautious

  • Accurate

  • Honest

  • Methodical


  • Write up and analyse financial year end records.

  • Communicate effectively and cope with office dynamics.

  • Be able to work in the fields of finance, management accounting and internal auditing.

  • Be able to analyse and communicate financial information.

Special Features

  • Learners may choose to complete this qualification in less than 3 years.

  • In line with ACCA's tradition of open entry anyone can enrol for the ACCA Accounting Technician Qualification, provided that a Learner is 16 years or older.

  • Learners who have already completed the Certified Technical Financial Accountant Diploma (ICB), are given exemption for 6 of 9 ACCA (CAT) Papers, these being:

    • Paper 1 - Recording Financial Transactions

    • Paper 2 - Information for Management Control

    • Paper 3 - Maintaining Financial Records

    • Paper 4 - Accounting for Costs

    • Paper 6 - Drafting Financial Statements

    • Paper 7 - Planning, Control & Performance Management

Workplace Experience
In addition to completing the exams, the Learner will also need to gain at least one year's relevant, supervised working experience in order to qualify and use the letters CAT after your name.

Practical training can be completed in any size or type of business, and in any combination of sectors, before, during and or after completing the exams. (ACCA)


  • SAQA ID: 20397 Further Education and Training Certificate, Certified Accounting Technician (CAT), NQF Level 5, 390 Credits

  • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Certificate from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (United Kingdom).

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