College of Cape Town
Full Time

The courses presented at Northlink College are career-orientated to bridge the gap between the lecture room and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the training period. Students who attend class are expected to be neatly dressed at all times. It is expected of students to attend their classes regularly.

Type: undergraduate certificate

Duration: 12 weeks full time

Compulsory Subjects


  • BCA I Make-off and Join Armoured Cable

  • BCA 2 Identify Ratings of Cables (Theory)

  • BCA 3 Recall Methods of Storing Cables (Theory)

  • BCA 4 Terminate PVC Cables (By means of Glands)

  • BCA 5 Identify XLP Cables (Theory)

  • BC 01 Current Carrying Capacity of Conductor (Theory)

  • BC 02 Join Conductors (Cable Joints)

  • BC 03 Insulate Conductors (Cable Joints)

  • BBG 4 Use Overhead Crane Equipment (Fitters)

  • BMJ I Select and Connect Meters (Various Types)

  • BET I Electrical Testing (Installation and Motors)

  • BD I AC and DC on an Oscilloscope (Theory and Practical)

  • BD 2 Induction and Self Induction (Theory)

  • BD 3 Three Phase and 5ingle Phase Supplies (Theory)

  • BD 4 Calculate Transformer Dimensions (Theory)

  • BD 5 Capacitance in AC and DC Circuits (Theory)

  • BD 6 Power in AC Circuits (Theory)

  • BD 7 Construct Rectifiers (Half wave + Full wave)

  • BD 8 Construct A C Switching Circuits (Relay Panel - I way, 2 way and Intermediate)

  • BD 9 Switching Circuits via Contactor, Relays (Energy Meters)

  • BIN I Installation (Metal and P VC)

  • BIN 2 Installation (Ducting, Trunking and Flexible Conduit)

  • BFA 2 Fault Finding

  • BEE I Maintain Electrical Equipment (Not offered to Phase 2)

  • BWl Wiring from Drawings

  • BAC I Connect AC Machines (I Phase and 3 Phase)

  • BAC2 Test AC Machines

  • BAC3 Fault find AC Machines

  • BDC I Connect DC Machines (Series, Shunt and Compound)

  • BDC 2 Test DC Machines

  • BDC 3 Fault Finding DC Machines

Careers: electrician.



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