College of Cape Town
Full Time

The courses presented at Northlink College are career-orientated to bridge the gap between the lecture room and the world of work with the least disruption at the end of the training period. Students who attend class are expected to be neatly dressed at all times. It is expected of students to attend their classes regularly.

Type: undergraduate certificate

Duration: 12 weeks full time

Compulsory Subjects


  • BWTI Use Fixed and Portable Drilling Machines

  • BWT2 Use Fixed and Portable Grinding Machines

  • BWT3 Use Portable Jigsaw

  • BHT I Identify Tools and Tooling Aids (Theory and Practical)

  • BHT2 Use Tools and Tooling Aids - Vice Clamps, Saw Block, Sawing, Drilling and Tapping

  • BHT 3 Maintain Tools and Tooling Aids - Cleaning and Care

  • BHT4 Use Hand tools applicable to Trade - Bells, Switches

  • BHS I Fabricate a Drill Angle Gauge

  • BHS 2 Sharpen Chisels

  • BHS 3 Sharpen Drills

  • BHS 4 Dress Screwdrivers

  • BHS 5 Sharpen Punches

  • BSS1 Soldering - Solder and Sweat Three Plates

  • BSS 2 Solder Electronic Components - Wire Grid - De-solder and Solder Electronic Components

  • BME 1 Physical Properties and Characteristics of Metals (Theory)

  • BME 2 Differentiate between Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals (Theory)

  • BME 3 Identify Conducting Materials (Theory and Practical)

  • BME4 Identify and Use Insulating Material (Theory, Wire Grid)

  • BEM I Convert Units and Prefixes (Theory)

  • BEM 2 Recall Magnetic Materials (Theory)

  • BEM 3 Appearance and Components of atom (Theory)

  • BEM4 Electrical Current Flow (Theory)

  • BEM 5 How Potential Energy is Stored (Theory)

  • BEM 6 Resistance against current flow (Theory)

  • BEM 7 Relationship between Current Voltage and Resistance (Exercises)

  • BEM 8 in Series. Parallel and Total Resistance (exercises)

  • BEM 9. Factors in Parallel Circuits, Series/Parallel and Power

  • BEM IO. "Methods of Electric Power Generation (Theory)

  • BEM 11 Electric Symbols (Theory)

  • BEM 12 Colour Resistance (Theory)

  • BEM 13, Ohm s Law (Exercises) (Load Balancing BOX)

  • BEM 14 Multimeters (Hung Chang, Sanwa, Eagle)

  • BEM 15 Resistance Boxes

  • BBA I Batteries - Operation of Different Types - (Theory)

  • BBA 2 Batteries - Identify Types (Theory and Practical)

  • BBA 3 Batteries - Maintain and Store (Theory and Practical)

  • BBA 4 Batteries - Connect in Series and Parallel

  • BDSE I Symbols and Abbreviations on Electrical Circuits (Theory)

  • BDSE 2 Symbols and Abbreviations on Electrical Diagrams (Projects)

  • BDSE 3 Symbols and Abbreviations pertaining to Electronic Diagrams

  • BDSE 4 Interpret Electrical Drawings

  • BDSE 5 Interpret Engineering Drawings

  • BDSE 6 Interpret Electronic Circuit Diagrams

  • BDSE 7 Compile Material List - Electrical, Electronic and Engineering

  • BDSE 8 Free Hand Sketches

  • BMO1 Mark off a Drill Angle Gauge

  • BMO 2 Mark off a Bus Bar

  • BWT 22 Dress a grinding wheel

  • BID I Manpower Training Act (Theory)

  • BID 2 Terms and Conditions of Apprentice (Theory)

  • BID 3 Grievance Procedures (Theory)

  • BID 4 Disciplinary Procedures (Theory)

  • BID 5 Company Rules and Procedures (Theory) & (Workshop) Rules

  • SSF I Machine and Occupational Safety Act (Theory)

  • BSF 2 Industrial Safety Course - Not offered yet

  • BSF 4 First Aid Course - Not offered yet

  • BSF 5 Colour Marking and Symbolic Safety Signs (Theory)

Careers: electrician.



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