BTech in Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering)
2 Years Part Time


This programme provides students with the skills and knowledge to work as highly trained professionals in one of the following fields: urban engineering, water engineering, transportation engineering or environmental engineering. The offering of these disciplines is subject to sufficient student numbers, and the availability of sufficient resources.

Take note: After completion of the BTech and a minimum of three years industrial experience a candidate may apply to the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) for registration as a professional engineering technologist.

(Please note that these are the specific programme admission requirements - the university has its own minimum admission requirements.)


  • Students must have a 65% average for the National Diploma: Engineering: Civil; or

  • 55% average for the National Diploma: Engineering: Civil with proof of registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa; or

  • 60% average for the National Diploma: Engineering: Civil and two years' post-diploma working experience;

  • Other and non-South African qualifications will be considered based on SAQA reports and merit and may require the submission of curricula and learning material. These applicants may be required to complete a language proficiency module.


Purpose Statement

Persons achieving this qualification will be able to independently and competently apply an integration of theory, principles, proven techniques, practical experience and appropriate skills to the solution of open-ended and ill-defined problems in the field of Civil Engineering while operating within the relevant standards and codes. The qualification is intended for engineering practitioners in the Civil Engineering industry. The qualified person will be able to register with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a Candidate Engineering Technologist in the discipline of Civil Engineering. After a period of appropriate industry experience, the qualified person will be able to register with ECSA as a Professional Engineering Technologist.

Qualification Objectives

  • This qualification provides the academic component required to register as a Professional Technologist in training at the Engineering Council of SA.

  • The qualification also serves as the academic admission requirement for further postgraduate studies in Civil Engineering at the NMMU.

Format of offering
This qualification is offered on a block format, which broadly entails short periods of concentrated study at the NMMU, the so-called contact sessions, alternating with longer periods of self-study away from the NMMU. Generally, two modules (or one) will be offered per discipline per semester.

Qualification of offerings:
The qualification aims to offer all the modules over a two-year cycle. For each module, the prerequisite knowledge will be documented and made available to prospective students. Students will thus be allowed into a qualification at any point in the cycle of offering of the qualification, but the onus will be on them to ensure that they gain the prerequisite knowledge.


  • Transportation Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

The qualification shall extend over at least one year of full-time study (not being offered at present) or two years of part-time study.

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