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(Minimum credits : 130)

Purpose of Qualification

This qualification provides leamers with a comprehensive knowledge of cost accounting, budgeting and financial management. In addition, upon completion, it allows the learner to become a member of the SA Tax Practitioners, fully equips them to become a Senior Bookkeeper and paves the way for them to become a Technical Financial Accountant.

Admission requirements: Grade I I or Equivalent or NQF Level 3 Qualification National Certificate: Bookkeeping.

Programme Accreditation: This learning programme is accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and FASSET SETA The programme is also registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

Professional Designation: Successful candidates may register with the ICB and use the following professional designations: “Certified Senior Bookkeeper CSBlcb(SA)”.

Articulation Possibilities: Leamers completing this qualifiGrtion may articulate to the Higher Education Qualification, National Diploma : Technical Financial Accounting at NQF L5.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Business Literacy (ICB/O I )(ICB/04)

•  Life Skills

•  Numerical Skills

•  Communication Skills

•  Business Case Studies

Junior Bookkeeper Module: Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (ICBl02)

•  Introduction to Practical Bookkeeping

•  Bookkeeping for Inventory Systems

•  Bank & Creditors Reconciliations

•  Role of Accounts Clerk

Junior Bookkeeper: Payroll and Monthly SARS Retums (ICB/03)

•  Payroll Administration

•  Basic Business Ethics

•  Monthly SARS Payroll Retums

•  SARS VAT Retum

Junior Bookkeeper: Computerised Bookkeeping

•  Computerised Accounting Package

•  Word Processing

•  Spreadsheets

•  Presentation graphics

Senior Bookkeeper: Financial Statements (ICB/OS)

•  Fixed Assets Control

•  Accounting Year End

•  Annual Financial Statements

•  Cash Flow Statements

Senior Bookkeeper: Cost and Management Accounting (ICB/06)

•  Accounting for Manufacturing Concerns

•  Break Even Analysis

•  Cost, Volume/Profit Analysis

•  Budgeting and Standard Costing

•  Financial Management & Business Ethics

Career Focus

This qualification can lead to the following career opportunities:

•  Senior Bookkeeper

•  Cash Book Controller

•  Accounts Clerk

•  Payroll Administrator

•  Financial Clerk

•  Cost Clerk

•  Bookkeeping Clerk

•  Creditors Clerk

•  Debtors Clerk

•  Tax Administrator

•  Accounting Supervisor

•  Management Accounts Cler

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